The paintings depict elaborate dream worlds that teem with phantasmagorical forms, flooding across the canvas in ceaseless variation to fill every inch of available space. From a bear being put on trial, to a cult media takeover, the world is in question in Being as God. Hypocrisy and harmony spiral together as continuous lines furl and unfurl in labyrinthian composition. A riddle of figures moves through folding dimensions and rippling horizons, heads and tails collide through the heavens and hells of reality. We are left with instances where what is observable is entangled, where nothing comes between the matters of the world. My process is guided by faith in intuitive action and imagination, building as a witness to the world that unravels.            

“Then lead becometh gold, then accident is ended, when I with god, through god, in god, am wholly blended” –Scheffler, ‘The Cherubinic Wanderer’

–Noel de Lesseps    

Noel de Lesseps (b. 1996, New York, NY) is a Brooklyn-based artist. He has had solo exhibitions at The Fireplace Project (East Hampton, NY), Nathalie Karg (New York, NY), and The Ranch (Montauk, NY).